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The Grasp Knowledge Engine frees your people to connect, communicate, learn, innovate and grow

Knowledge Cloud

Free up your knowledge workers to find exactly what they need in your organization – peers, experts, documents, proposals, events and strategic partners.  Curate industry and competitor news specifically for your organization.

Knowledge Share

Leaders communicate strategy, objectives and KPIs to all.   Front line employees share customer insights and stories.  Communities of excellence established.  Culturally, everyone rows in the same direction.

Knowledge College

Create your own video-based, online university.  Capture and share SME best practices.   Compress learning.  Onboard faster.   Manage your students’ participation and progress.  Create spaced, repetition learning.

Knowledge Market

Generate new ideas from your organization via working knowledge marketplaces.  Build talent marketplaces, idea incubators and innovation management centers.

An All-in-One Knowledge Platform

Everything you need is in your Grasp.   Make it yours with custom branding, a custom domain and select features.  It's so simple we can set it up in 1 hour and a non-technical person can run the whole platform.


Join groups. Create your own. Keep them open, make them private, or hidden unless invited to join.


Each user has a profile complete with customizable profile fields to accommodate the needs of your community.


Create a wiki to build a centralized knowledge base for your community or empower them to help contribute.

Courses and lessons

A fully-functional learning management system. Create courses, lessons, quizzes and more. Track learning progress.

Achievements and Badges

Create achievements and badges to recognize members of the community who complete specific actions.


Start topics. Reply to threads. Install a forum in each group or build a community forum.


Allow users to add one another as connections to give them a more customized experience.

Forms builder

Build powerful, custom forms in minutes. Collect data privately or share entries with your community in directories.

File storage

Upload your files for personal use, share a file with a group, or only with specific users through a private message.


Publish news updates to your community using a state-of-the-art blogging system. Create categories, tags, upload media or embed, and enable article comments.

Activity streams

View all activity. Or activate a filter and view only the activity of your connections or groups.


Email notifications and alerts for critical activity. Opt in or out for other activity.


Schedule a new event. Post it in a group. Or RSVP to another user's event.


Send and receive private messages with other users. Send to a single user, multiple users, or post a sitewide message as the administrator.


Need custom functionality? The Grasp team is ready and capable of building a variety of customizations to suit your needs.

Who uses Grasp?

Executives and Leaders

Build your culture.  Communicate strategy.  Get everyone rowing in the same direction.

HR/Human Capital

On-board new hires quickly.  Accelerate learning.  Build talent marketplaces.


Curate news.  Share best practices.  Tell customer stories.  Build communities.

Innovators & Developers

Create collaborative teams.  Run innovation initiatives.  Create knowledge marketplaces.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“We use Grasp every day to onboard partners, share documents, build proposals and communicate firm-wide.” Kent Elmer

Managing Partner , TechCXO

“Grasp is our core community-building, employee rewards and customer engagement platform for our clients.” Chris Smith

President , phiXX Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Grasp?
Grasp is a Knowledge Engine and a hosted Platform as a Service (PaaS) that simplifies how organizations connect, communicate and collaborate across their entire workforce, offices and work groups.
Why should I use Grasp?

Grasp breaks down geographic and time barriers.  It connects people to knowledge and people to people.  It automates many business functions (document sharing, on-boarding/training, support, knowledge and resource management).

Grasp is also a simple, easy-to-own alternative to one-off, complicated Content Management System (CMS), Learning Management (LMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Document/Knowledge Management (KM) and Resource Management (RM) services.

Who uses Grasp?

We designed Grasp specifically for knowledge based workers.  Principal users are leaders and professionals in the accounting, consulting, education, engineering, financial services, marketing, training and software/web development industries.

However, any organization that wants the ability to share best practices, align strategy and work, innovate new products  and services, engage employees, and leverage external talent and knowledge via marketplaces should look into Grasp.

What makes Grasp different?

Grasp is a simple, easy-to-own alternative to one-off, complicated Content Management System (CMS), Learning Management (LMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Document/Knowledge Management (KM) and Resource Management (RM) services.

All that functionality is in your Grasp.  You can set it up in an hour and run it yourself.  No coding or design expertise needed!

Why was Grasp created?

We started Grasp because many businesses need applications like Intranets, team collaboration/social business, customer support, training systems and CRM but they don’t want the complexity and expense of services like Sharepoint and

We priced Grasp in reach for any size business and constructed it so a non-technical person can use it easily.

Which solution is right for me?

What are your priorities?  Are they aligning your people to strategyemployee/executive communicationautomating HR functionsproduct and service training….tracking new business opportunities and referralsproviding a customer support site and ticketing … having a searchable knowledge base of documents, proposals, employees, Subject Matter Expertscreating a directory of preferred vendors and referral partnersmonetizing your content

If you’re not sure or there are multiple needs and requirements, set up a demo or call us at (855) 545-0050.  We’re ready to help you!

How much does Grasp cost?
Grasp has a per user cost ranging from $8 per month to $18 per month.   There are three major modules to choose from and combine.  You can upgrade at any time after signing up.
What are the Grasp "modules"?

Modules are specific functionality you can use in your Grasp.

Module 1 is the CONNECT, COMMUNICATE & COLLABORATE module.  This gives you features such as Secure, Individual User Profiles and Single sign-on login; and Peer and Friend connections to build your directory.  It also includes Private Groups, Forums and full Drive/Document Management capabilities.  In addition, you’ll have a Calendar/Event/Invitation system to take, set and manage appointments, Activity monitoring and tracking, and a private and public messaging system, including group messaging, and chat/instant messaging.  Learn more in our Solutions and Features sections.

Module 2  is the KNOWLEDGE & LEARNING module.  This gives you a fully functioning Knowledge Base with contextual search by category and topic; unlimited article and wiki-like document and attachment creation.  You will also create unlimited lesson and courses with full learner management, including grading and quizzes.

Module 3 is CLIENT & FIRM MANAGEMENT module – Create true insight into your organization with private directories, client lists, Subject Matter Experts and any kind of data tables you can imagine.   You can create your own Customer Relationship Management system, job boards, event listings, timesheet submissions and more.  This is an extraordinarily powerful tool for business development and firm management.

Module 4 is the CUSTOMER SUPPORT & TICKETING module – Do you want your clients to submit inquiries and report service issues through a cloud-based issue tracker and ticketing system?  Now you can.   Provide FAQs, a Knowledge Base, Customer Support Chat and more.  Acknowledge receipt of inquiries, assign issues to specific people, resolve and close issues to demonstrate superior customer service.

Module 5 is the PRIVATE MEMBER & PAID CONTENT module – Engage your fans.  Start a movement.  Build a professional or social community — we’ll give you the tools to manage it, including subscription plans, pricing, and  renewal periods.   Separate free and paid content, too.  This is so much more powerful, secure and valuable than a Facebook Fan Page.  Your own Private Member site enables you to build select communities of users and monetize your content.

What about security?

Grasp offers enterprise-level security and keeps things running smoothly in a managed hosting environment.  Grasp security includes:

Managed patching and updates

  • Automatically upgrade your installs whenever minor patches are released.
  • When a major update is released, we thoroughly test it before recommending that our customers upgrade.

Real-time security threat detection

  • Thousands of rule sets specifically tuned for platform identify and prevent attacks before they happen.
  • Proprietary, adaptable intrusion detection and prevention system dynamically detects and blocks malicious behavior such as JavaScript/SQL-injection attacks and even more sophisticated attacks such as XML-RPC attacks.
  • We block IP addresses identified as belonging to spammers or hackers.

Enterprise-grade infrastructure

  • Highly performant, secure technology stack.
  • Enterprise plans run in dedicated environments not shared with other customers.
  • Combination of firewalls to protect from outside attacks, as well as network analysis monitoring tools to guard against any malicious behavior within the network.

A finely tuned technology stack

  • Proper server configuration is vital to securing your web environment. Our software stack includes provisions to ensure optimal performance, including disk write limitations and protection against scripts known to contain vulnerabilities.
  • We also implement PHP tuning to disallow dangerous or insecure commands.

Simple Plans and Pricing

Only pay for what you use.  Pricing is per user, per month.


  • Knowledge Cloud
  • Online University
  • Fully-Hosted Cloud, Up to 500 Users and 10 GB Local Storage
  • Custom Configuration
  • Data Table Integration
  • Project Management Integration
  • Paid Membership Management
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  • Knowledge Cloud
  • Online University
  • Fully-Hosted Cloud, Up to 500 Users and 10 GB Local Storage
  • Custom Configuration
  • Data Table Integration
  • Project Management Integration
  • Paid Membership Management
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Knowledge Leader

  • Knowledge Cloud
  • Online University
  • Fully-Hosted Cloud, Unlimited Users and 1 TB Local Storage
  • Custom Configuration
  • Data Table Integration
  • Project Management Integration
  • Paid Membership Management
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