An All-in-One Knowledge Platform

Everything you need is in your Grasp.   Make it yours with custom branding, a custom domain and select features.  It's so simple we can set it up in 1 hour and a non-technical person can run the whole platform.


Join groups. Create your own. Keep them open, make them private, or hidden unless invited to join.


Each user has a profile complete with customizable profile fields to accommodate the needs of your community.



Create a wiki to build a centralized knowledge base for your community or empower them to help contribute.

Courses and lessons

A fully-functional learning management system. Create courses, lessons, quizzes and more. Track learning progress.

Achievements and Badges

Create achievements and badges to recognize members of the community who complete specific actions.



Start topics. Reply to threads. Install a forum in each group or build a community forum.



Allow users to add one another as connections to give them a more customized experience.

Forms builder

Build powerful, custom forms in minutes. Collect data privately or share entries with your community in directories.


File storage

Upload your files for personal use, share a file with a group, or only with specific users through a private message.



Publish news updates to your community using a state-of-the-art blogging system. Create categories, tags, upload media or embed, and enable article comments.

Activity streams

View all activity. Or activate a filter and view only the activity of your connections or groups.


Email notifications and alerts for critical activity. Opt in or out for other activity.


Schedule a new event. Post it in a group. Or RSVP to another user's event.


Send and receive private messages with other users. Send to a single user, multiple users, or post a sitewide message as the administrator.


Need custom functionality? The Grasp team is ready and capable of building a variety of customizations to suit your needs.

How will you use Grasp?

We’d be happy to answer more questions and take you for a test drive.

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