Grasp comes loaded with features and modules that can be configured and customized to meet the needs of your organization. The possibilities are endless but here are a few popular configurations.

Knowledge Base: Find Everything You Need

Find everything you need in your organization – people, documents, events, industry news.  Great for proposals, too. Extend your directory to include approved vendors, referral partners and outside experts.  Connect, communicate and collaborate with your entire workforce by using Grasp as a dynamic, social business platform.  Or, build a private Extranet for strategic partners, clients and fans to develop business and build your brand.

Knowledge Share: Best of the Best

Create, share and manage your information and best practices.  Leaders communicate strategy, objectives and KPIs.  Employees share direct customer insights, needs and stories. Deliver alerts to your whole organization/team at once or send private messages 1-on-1. You can also create wikis, job boards, manage documents and projects and resolve client issues.

Knowledge College: Online University

You now have your own online university! Your organization’s subject matter experts (SMEs) double as teaching professionals with video courses and lessons delivered on demand.  Great for on-boarding, culture building, new product and service training, and sharing best practices.  Fully hosted video-based training, learner management and quizzes.  Lesson documents, too.

Knowledge Markets: Collaborative Innovation

Create internal and external marketplaces that generate, develop and manage the best ideas from people and turn them into improvements, new products and services.   Run internal innovation and crowdfunding events. Form cross discipline teams to pursue opportunities. Open innovation challenges to a private network or a global talent audience.

How will you use Grasp?

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